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Zije doar nu were?: Okay to all assbutts and dipshits out there who believe Chad has...



Okay to all assbutts and dipshits out there who believe Chad has something to do with Bam’s demise:

Shut your goddamn cake-hole seriously.

Chad stopped trying to be like GG Allin a while ago, he has quit drinking loads of booze a long time ago, hell he even tries to quit smoking!

I’m not saying…

I agree.. I even listen 2 all the older Radio Bam episodes & not only that.. i’ve met him a ton of times & even tho he used 2 smoke weed & drink at shows (jus having fun) he wasn’t ever hard chore n2 drugs & underneath all that bad boy rock star image is a sweet sincere guy who truly does care about his friends & even his fans!! So why in the WORLD would chad wanna influence bam 2 shoot up or do ANY drug??? Especially if he did try & convince novak 2 stop! whats next.. r assholes gonna blame chad 4 dunn’s death?! Sorry if thats 2 harsh, but lets be honest here.. ppl wanna point the finger at chad like he did something wrong when really he did the right thing by leaving & cutting ALL ties wit bam & whoever is on the bam boat.. so 2 speak!! smh 

Of course I was heart broken that they’re friendship is over with cuz I always been a die hard fan of both of them & no matter what.. Ginsgera still lives in my heart! so no matter what happens between the both of them or whatever fucked up mistakes bam makes or choices chad makes.. I will always have love 4 them!! 

In this case.. I back up chad 100% & nooo.. not cuz i’m his biggest fan, but because he’s in the right & if I was in his shoes.. I would of done the same thing!!! I couldn’t be around any friends (good old friends at that) if thats wtf they r doing.. especially after they jus lost a great friend a couple yrs b4 over a fatal car crash due to drinking & speeding in a sports car on a gnarly highway in the mid of the night! and NO i’m not blaming dunn either cuz he obvi didn’t try 2 kill him & his friend intentionally, but it’s cuz he thought he can do that & would be okay! No offence 2 dunn (god rest his good soul) but it seems like jus cuz they were in Jackass & does ALL these crazy life threatening stunts.. he thought he was invincible! 

So my point is.. bam thinks he’s invincible as well & that he’ll be okay no matter what! and as much as it pains me 2 say this, but 1 day it’s gonna happen if he keeps going on by the way he’s going about things! This might also sound harsh, but maybe this is god’s way of showing them & the other guys that.. NO ur not invincible & I can take u away jus as quick as I put u on this earth!!! :(

Hate me or dislike what i’m saying, but these damn “jackass confessions” BS has got me livid right now & I am beyond sick 2 my stomach how fans or jus random haters wanna post negative shit playing the blame game on chad or whoever they feel like blaming BAM’S actions on!!! Were any of u assholes there when bam apparently “shot up” or when chad was around?? did u see chad influence bam 2 do any of that shit?? no u weren’t & neither was I so no one has ANY right 2b saying this shit & posting it! another thing is I really dont like how whoever runs this confession blog.. lets assholes post this shit or if they r the ones saying this cuz it’s not right! fan or not.. stop tryna twist shit around & making fans believe all this nonsense!!! smfh

I think any true fans out there should not even fuck wit this blog & stop listening 2 the bullshit they wanna post.. regardless if it’s random admins posting this shit or if it’s the ppl who’s running it.. it’s like toxic in ur brains & making u look at chad, bam, dunn or whoever in a fucked up way when none of us know what really is happening!!!

I’m done with this rant.. I jus needed 2 get this off my chest cuz this BS has been going on 4 FAR 2 fucking long & it’s not right!!!


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